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For our German client Vorwerk Elektrowerke, manufacturer of premium home appliances, we make, among other parts, parts for their smart Thermomix food processor.

This portable power supply for medical use is a nice example of co-creation. Our client came up with the idea to create a powerful battery for the medical world. It can be used on equipment trolleys that allow the medical personnel to get right up to the patients’ beds. The battery is so powerful that one charge is enough to power it for an entire shift.

You can also find products made by Enbi Plastics in the cars of for instance Mercedes, BMW and Audi! One example of this is the lift bar, which connects car windows to their electronic controls.


Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a liquid silicon material, which is processed with an injection moulding process. Thanks to its special materials and processing properties, LSR offers unique design and production opportunities for Enbi.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a material for injection moulding that is being used more and more by Enbi Plastics. It is durable, flexible, and extremely versatile. Not to mention, it is also very cost efficient.

The differentiating properties of Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) make LSR more widely and easily applicable than conventional silicones with high consistency and thermoplastic elastomers.

Silicone is a synthetic material made from quartz sand. There are a wide variety of molecular structures, which means that this material is available in multiple forms, such as oils and fats (basic raw material for the chip / Waver industry) and LSR.

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