Liquid Silicone Rubber Ball

Together with UNIpace, The Polymer Application Center of the University of Kassel (Germany), Enbi Plastics developed an innovative silicone ball. Using advanced injection and moulding technology, we managed to create a small and lightweight ball that holds revolutionary technology inside. In addition, it is possible to apply prints on it, and the foaming agent makes it easier to design a seal.
One of the major advantages is that this innovation is very cost efficient. The moulding technology used (alu inserts heated by water and isolated with ceramic blocks and coating) leads to lower costs in the development phase. As you save on weight, you also save on costs later on. The ball consists of multiple types of silicones (2-component LSR + LSR) and has a very high process stability because of temperature control, ∆T=2°c. Less pressure is needed because of the lower compression set.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: LSR – liquid silicone rubber 40 shore A / white half = foam LSR, 30% saving on part weight
  • Additives: Green Masterbatch / Iriotec laser additive / microsphere as foaming agent
  • LIM: direct injection via needle valve gate system
  • Low-cost mould technology: alu inserts heated by water and isolated with ceramic blocks and coating
  • Process Technology: 2-component LSR + LSR (chemical bonding & laser marking)

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