Welcome to the world of liquid silicone rubber

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a liquid silicon material, which is processed with an injection moulding process. Thanks to its special materials and processing properties, LSR offers unique design and production opportunities for Enbi Plastics.  

LSR has numerous uses in different industries, including health care, food, automotive, household appliances, and other sectors.

For the injection moulding of silicon, Enbi Plastics uses machines with a closing force between 25 and 110 tons. This way we produce products made of components weighing from less than a single gram to approximately 100 grams, and which vary between <<10 Shore A to approximately 80 Shore A in hardness, using both 1K and 2K injection moulding processes.

Would you like to know more about LSR and how it can benefit your products or components? Our experts at Enbi Plastics love to help you with all your questions about LSR. Feel free to contact one of our specialists today.


Many businesses opt for LSR for the production of their elastomer parts. Why exactly? Mainly because of the reproducibility of the material.

Injection moulding LSR offers ease of processing, a great variety of geometric possibilities, consistent component quality, and improved productivity. Because of its unique properties, LSR is the ideal material for demanding applications:

  • Certified for medical and food sector: LSR can safely be applied in parts that come into contact with drinking water, food, or drinks. Because LSR is odorless and tasteless, it doesn’t affect food and drinks.
  • High Purity:
    LSR is odorless and tasteless. Thanks to this high level of purity, LSR can also be used in medical components.
  • Oil resistant:
    Because of the material’s temperature resistance, LSR can be used in situations where oil is present. This makes LSR especially suitable for the automotive sector.
  • Oil excreting:
    Because LSR excretes oil, it is a suitable material for products or components that are used for mounting purposes.
  • Mechanical properties:
    LSR is flexible, which means it has a high tear and tensile strength. It also has a low C.S. Value (compression set/permanent deformation). It is available in a variety of hardness, ranging from 10 to 80 Shore A.
  • Electrically insulating or conducting:
    Due to its insulating and conducting properties, LSR can be easily applied to electric components
  • Ultra transparent:
    LSR has an optical material grouping, which means it is ultra transparent. For this reason, it is regularly applied in lighting systems such as lens or light conductors.
  • Self-bonding
    : Thanks to its self-bonding properties, LSR is extremely suitable for 2 component parts, both for LSR + LSR and LSR + plastic and LSR + metal.


Because of the unique properties of LSR, the use of silicone in products has many benefits. The material is elastic, durable, and resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. Working with LSR also has many benefits for the production process:

  • Production of large quantities: Advanced LSR materials provide Enbi Plastics with the opportunity for injection moulding in a cost efficient way and large-scale production of complex silicon parts.
  • Low risk of contamination:
    The LSR production process takes place in a closed system—a so-called ‘closed-loop system’. This means the chance of contamination is almost zero. After all, the operator does not come into contact with the material. This way, the material is not exposed to the environment.
  • Higher automation level:
    Although injection moulding of LSR is a labor-intensive process, LSR is responsible for completely automating material supply, injection, processing, and demoulding of tools and machines. As a result, labor costs to control and protect the production process are kept as low as possible
  • Fast cycle time:
    The cycle time for LSR components depends on the product thickness and temperature, geometries of the part, general vulcanization properties, and chemistry of the hardening material. LSR’s cycle times are significantly shorter than those of rubber and plastic products.


LSR has many possible uses in a variety of sectors. In addition to its many benefits and unique properties, Enbi Plastics can provide a lot more information about LSR. Please contact one of our experts and discover the possibilities of LSR for your products and/or components.

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