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ENBI can support you during every step from idea or design to product. Whether it concerns a full track or just injection moulding according to your specifications, we help you find the perfect solution for your requirements. We analyse the elements of the question together. We deploy our knowledge and experience to achieve the final result in co-creation: a high-quality product that meets the requirements of our partner, produced using modern, automated processes.

“Complete service for development, production and assembly, with cutting-edge insights and technologies”


Plastic Injection Molding

Injection moulding at ENBI means accurately working on products with a weight of less than 1 gram to more than 2.5 kilograms. For 1K and 2K injection moulding, we offer a complete service, with clamping forces from 25 to 660 tons. This provides our customers with endless possibilities. Our machinery processes a broad range of materials:

ABS Peek

We co-create with suppliers from the whole chain. This makes ENBI your solid partner for the development of all conceivable injection-moulded parts.

Silicone Injection Molding

Silicon injection moulding of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) has many advantages when it comes to technically high-quality products and precision work. In order to tackle these challenges and to make the enormous range of possibilities a reality, ENBI has fully revamped the LSR department.
As a result of requests from our partners and from the market, we have our own mother house, complete with injection block and spigot. These elements of an LSR mould determine the investment amount in a traditional setup. In our LSR concept we can offer separate, exchangeable inserts. For customers, this means flexibility and a much lower investment: you only pay for the insert and the production of the mould cavity. The quality of each product remains the primary focus.
In order to be able to respond to market demands, we have our own mother house complete with injection block and injection channel. These are the parts of an LSR mold that often determine the investment. Working with this concept makes it possible to offer loose, interchangeable inserts. This results in a much lower investment for you as a customer. After all, you only pay for the insert and the making of the mold cavity. Quality and flexibility are of course leading here.


Every type of innovation starts with an idea, a thought, a desire, a ‘what if…?’ ENBI is an expert and partner in this phase of product development. Each element, big or small, is part of the greater whole. We therefore don’t only ask you what you need, but especially why you need it. What are the requirements? What is the function? With the combination of these questions and the overall picture, we add value to your product and support your organization.


The requirements are known, the direction is determined and the frameworks are clear. Now it comes down to developing your product. Each aspect receives our full attention, from product specifications to the choice of materials, machines and processes. Using 3D software, we create the optimal design. Since 2021, we also offer mould-flow studies. The computer simulates the filling of the designed mould, which can reveal critical issues. Using the outcomes of such a fill study, we can address and refine specific points in the mould design before the production of the tools.

You can also turn to ENBI for rapid prototype samples and test moulds. We use today’s technology and are always looking ahead to the technology of tomorrow. Our team of specialists and experienced engineers possesses advanced technical knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, we are part of a solid network of (external) partners and research institutes.

Assembly from

a to z



The foundation of ENBI’s work is injection moulding, in plastic and silicones. Our customers are also increasingly requesting assembly or installation. We have various technologies for this, including ultrasonic welding, laser welding and insert heat staking. We work with specialists to print visible parts. Quality is the guiding principle for this complete programme of services.

The smart robot Cobot, a recent investment, allows us to programme repetitive tasks independently and flexibly. Together with the equipment to for example print jigs or moulds (3D), this gives us a lot of freedom to work in a rapid and targeted way. For customers, this means more possibilities and flexibility without high investments.


Customers who need a total solution with 1 contact for all their questions and requirements can count on ENBI from A to Z. The important logistics link is set up in such a way that we deliver your products just-in-time, just-in-place, after a precise check. Identification and traceability, including (production) batch number, are guaranteed in our track and trace system. You always have real-time insight into the state of your products at ENBI Plastics.

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