The various uses of LSR

The differentiating properties of Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) make LSR more widely and easily applicable than conventional silicones with high consistency and thermoplastic elastomers.

Since its introduction in the 70’s, Liquid Silicon Rubber has grown into a material with a great variation of types and properties. In addition to the original use in niche applications, Enbi Plastics now uses the material in a wide range of industrial applications. Extensive developments in the making of new compounds, injection systems in combination with mold construction, and automating and guarding both production process and product quality, make LSR an appealing option for medical and food industries, household appliances, automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors.

In this article, Enbi Plastics introduces to you the many possible uses of LSR per sector. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of LSR for your organization? Feel free to contact one of our experts.


  • Medical
    In the medical world, it is a must to warrant absolute product safety. LSR has a soft feel, which makes it an obvious choice for machines that come into close contact with the body. Strict regulations apply to producing medical products made from plastic and/or medical silicon. Enbi Plastic is ISO13485 certified and guarantees a working method in which delivering top quality is paramount!
  • Food
    Similar to the medical sector, product safety is equally important in the food sector. LSR is free of smell and taste and does not affect food or drinks. This makes LSR the ideal choice for machines parts that come into direct contact with food or drinks. Today, LSR is often used in both sealing and dosing systems.
  • Household appliances
    The many properties of LSR ensure the diversity of materials that are needed to produce a wide range of household appliances. These products vary from vacuum cleaner parts to food processors. These products vary from vacuum cleaner parts to food processors.
  • Automotive
    From essential necessities for automobile production, to both visible and invisible parts and components. Enbi Plastics has extensive experience in developing and producing solutions for the automotive sector, using LSR as a base material. LSR is durable, flexible, and has a high thermal stability. In addition, LSR has a low compression set value, which prevents permanent distortion. This makes it an excellent choice for components under the hood, such as oil seals, membranes for cooling-water systems, O-rings, and cable harness components. LSR can also be directly bonded to plastic or metal components.
  • Industry
    Industrial uses of liquid silicone are endless. Enbi Plastics produces, among others, paper transport, air treatment, water heating, and lighting system components. If desired, these components can be completely assembled and packaged.
  • Agricultural sector
    Using LSR in the agricultural sector, we’re always looking for the most optimal, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution. Enbi Plastics produces a wide variety of products for the agricultural sector.
  • Overmoulding
    Without the need for primers, LSR is able to both chemically and mechanically bond to thermoplastics, metals, and other LSR. As a result, overmoulding with LSR is an increasingly frequent process. Enbi Plastics can take care of any overmoulding of plastics, electronics, metal axles, and inserts.


Enbi Plastics produces custom, high-quality LSR components for markets ranging from the automotive and industrial sectors, to health care and household appliances. Please contact our specialists today and discover the possibilities of LSR for your business!

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