This portable power supply for medical use is a nice example of co-creation. Our client came up with the idea to create a powerful battery for the medical world. It can be used on equipment trolleys that allow the medical personnel to get right up to the patients’ beds. The battery is so powerful that one charge is enough to power it for an entire shift.

Naturally, this battery pack had to be properly protected and practical to use. That is where Enbi Plastics came in. From the very beginning, we were involved in product development: from the first sketches to a complete end product that helps medical professionals do their work. For the design, we took into account practical usability and safety: there are no sharp edges, the battery pack is splash proof and the design underwent drop tests. In addition, the choice for medical grade plastic means it is also easy to clean.

The addition of the inserts – gilded contacts – required a lot of precision. These are melted in by us in-house, using 3D printed models we made ourselves. We also added a handle to make it more user friendly.

In order to develop this product as cost-efficiently as possible, we only used three moulds for the eight components of the end product. This ensures optimal ROI for our client with a limited budget.

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