Lift Bar

You can also find products made by Enbi Plastics in the cars of for instance Mercedes, BMW and Audi! One example of this is the lift bar, which connects car windows to their electronic controls. In the past, they drilled holes in the glass to do this, but that is not possible with today’s layered, safer glass. That is why a dimensionally stable part that could form a solid connection between the window and the technology was needed.

Our client glues the lift bars to the car windows using putty. Enbi Plastics prepares the part: we use an activator and primer. This is done in a fully climate controlled room. After production, we conduct rapid aging tests: By applying water to the parts and exposing them to a certain temperature for five days, we can check if the putty continues to stick. That way, we ensure optimal reliability.

We continually make this product, constantly maintaining the right stock levels for the client. Because of the primer, the product has a limited shelf life: the client has to use it within a certain amount of time to guarantee its safety. Enbi Plastics is an important link in the logistical process and delivers the lift bars just in time (JIT). We also carefully check the product and each one can be identified and traced, including the batch number of the fluids that were used.

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