For our German client Vorwerk Elektrowerke, manufacturer of premium home appliances, we make, among other parts, parts for their smart Thermomix food processor. These are intended for both professional kitchens and the consumer market. One of the parts Enbi Plastics makes, is the position switch that ensures the food processor’s motor can only be turned on if a bowl is placed on it.

This small but complex part is composed of different materials: plastic, metal and silicone. Because it needs to provide a seal as well as be dimensionally stable, we opted for silicone. Whereas the wall thickness is usually uniform, that was not the case here. A high-tech LIM mould was needed to achieve the right shape. That made the development of this product a turnkey project for Enbi Plastics together with the machine supplier and mould manufacturer.

Enbi Plastics made different versions of the test mould and conducted feasibility studies in order to perfect the design. Enbi Plastics also does the assembly of this product. That enables us to deliver a top-quality end product.

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