Your partner in the field of plastic and silicone products


Your partner in the field of injection moulding and plastics processing


Your partner in the field of injection moulding and plastics processing

Enbi Plastics offers a wide range of services and processes in the area of plastic and silicone products. Whether you have a specific question regarding the production of an assembled component, need a composite product, or are searching for a sparring partner to brainstorm about the development of a completely new solution: we will gladly think along with you at every stage of the process. As a knowledge partner and co-creator that delivers high quality products, knowledge, and advice – we can take care of your entire process.


All innovations begin with an idea. A thought, a wish, a ‘what if’ … As an expert in injection moulding and the broad range of possibilities in plastics processing, we will gladly think along with you even at the early stages of the development process. Because no matter how small or large the component is, it will always be part of a bigger picture. At Enbi Plastics we not only ask ‘what’ you want to create, but most especially ‘why’. What is the purpose of a particular object? What are the requirements and the functions? By asking these questions first and keeping the bigger picture in mind, we are able to truly add value to your organisation.


Once the framework is in place, we plan your product design down to the smallest detail. Starting from the desired product specifications and the choice of materials and machines: we pay attention to every detail. With the help of 3D programs we will generate your perfect design. You can also count on us for making rapid prototype samples and test moulds.

We work with the latest technologies and are constantly exploring new possibilities. With our team of specialists and experienced engineers we have a great deal of knowledge and technical insight available in-house. In addition we have a solid network of external partners and affiliated research institutes. In this way we can offer you the newest innovations and highest quality.


After your specific mould has been designed and produced and all of the specifications have been determined, the actual production process begins. Our advanced machines (varying from 25 to 660 tons of clamping force) are operated by experienced specialists. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and experience, and our internal quality control systems, we always deliver high quality products that have been produced as efficiently as possible.

Among other things our services include: (mono) injection moulding, 2-component injection moulding, and the overmoulding of plastics, electronics, metal shafts and inserts. In addition to that, silicone injection moulding, otherwise known as liquid injection moulding, is one of our specialities.


(plastic injection moulding)

You can count on us for precision work, from less than one gram to complete or semi-finished products of up to about 2.5 kilograms. We work with the most diverse plastics: from commodity plastics to engineering plastics and high engineering plastics.


Would you like to process 2 different materials or colours in one product? This can be done by means of two-component (2C) injection moulding. We employ this technique for the production of more complex components and products ranging from 5 to 150 grams. The clamping force of our 2C machines varies from 65 to 220 tons.


(liquid injection moulding)

The use of silicone in products has many advantages: the material is elastic, durable, and resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. As a result, the injection moulding of silicone has many applications, for instance in the medical world.

For the injection moulding of silicone we are able to employ machines with a clamping force of between 25 and 100 tons. In this way we can produce units of less than a gram up to about 100 grams, varying in hardness from 10 Shore A up to about 80 Shore A.


Enbi Plastics has its own in-house assembly department. This department is especially designed to facilitate ergonomically correct working conditions, and to allow the employees to work in a flexible and lean manner. We can take care of relatively simple to more complicated assemblies. Think of activities such as assembling products, laser welding, ultrasonic welding, gluing, melting inserts, applying foam and/or tape after production, pressing in bearings, repackaging into special packaging, and much more. We are experienced in assembling compositions that consist of several different separate components.

Our logical and efficient assembly method provides a cost-competitive solution for you. If desired, we can use special tools that are “poka yoke” by design (built-in error prevention). For example, this method enables Enbi Plastics to print moulds, fittings, and tools on our own 3D printer. All assembly orders are closely monitored en controlled by our quality department. This way we can assure our clients of high-quality assembled products. Enbi Plastics is your partner in the field of assembly!