Few producers have the right background required for the development and liquid injection moulding of LSR products. This knowledge gap forms a challenge when making a well-considered decision to choose the right LSR liquid injection moulding company. For three decades, Enbi Plastics has been a leading company in the development of LSR products, tools, and production processes. We have had the pleasure of unburdening many customers in the field of LSR projects. Enbi Plastics will take care of the entire process, from product development to a reproducible production process including assembly. Naturally, we inform our customers during each project step. This allows you to make informed decisions for all coordinated stages of the process.

In this article Enbi Plastics explains more about important considerations when selecting the right partner for your LSR projects. Would you like to learn more about Enbi’s approach or LSR material type? Please contact one of our specialists.


The success of your project largely depends on the level of expertise of the injection moulding company that is responsible for the required developments. In Enbi Plastics you will find a reliable partner with ample knowledge and years of broad experience. Thanks to a wide range of partnerships with suppliers, colleges, and universities, we can offer our customers many different levels of expertise. Although design specifications and budget certainly play a role in determining your project’s possibilities, Enbi Plastics can offer you expert advice with regard to product design, material selection, prototyping, mold development, and more.

We recommend finding a partner with extensive experience setting up similar projects. A partner that takes you through all stages of the development and production process, and who will fully guide you through the world of Liquid Silicone Rubber.


LSR products or components often come into contact with food, liquids, or human beings. As a result, your injection moulding partner must ensure strict compliance with quality and safety guidelines.

Quality assurance is especially important for medical and food production! Naturally, quality and safety assurance is of paramount importance at Enbi Plastics. Enbi Plastics is therefore ISO13485 (medical), ISO14001 (environment), and ISO9001 (quality management) certified!


Liquid Injection Moulding (LIM) of liquid silicone is an advanced process. It is therefore of great importance that you are advised, informed, and supported throughout this entire process. From prototyping to mass production, the right injection moulding partner will inform the customer towards achieving the desired result at all times. Naturally, if desired, Enbi Plastics will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with its customers. In fact, all our suppliers and collaborating experts have already signed such a confidentiality agreement.


You can count on Enbi Plastics for both long and short-term production, product development/prototyping, and secondary services such as assembly, finishing, and packaging. Please contact us for more information and setting up your project!